Village sign at Stiffkey North Norfolk


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  1. David Hobart says:

    From @Stiffkey Village on Twitter. “Just spoke to the gent who built it. The face was dug up in Cambridgeshire by the then parish council chairman who used to be an archeologist. He asked if the parish would like it put in the base and there it is!”

  2. David Hobart says:

    I must confess I have never noticed it. I will make some enquiries for you.

  3. Mike Sage says:

    Dear Mr Hobart.
    We recently visited North Norfolk and noticed the human face set in amongst the stones of the base supporting the Stiffkey village sign.
    We have been speculating how it came to be inserted and what might be it’s significance.
    Might you have any idea?
    Thank you in anticipation.
    Mike Sage & Janni Ellmoos.

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