2021 – Will it be better than 2020? Let’s Hope So

2021 – Will it be better than 2020? Let’s Hope So

I posted an article at the end of 2019 that began:

“Almost there! 2020 beckons and I wonder what that will bring for North Norfolk and the rest of the world. What a year 2019 has been. Political turmoil has gripped the nation this year, in fact for the past three years, but things in that regard should now settle down and we will see less of politicians on our television screens.”

Well, I got that wrong!

A global pandemic and Brexit negotiations; who could possibly have foreseen those two delights conjoining? And, just to round off the year, the virus mutation that appeared in the UK and caused travel to other countries to be curtailed.

An event that was predictable the ‘Great’ conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.  Two thousand years ago the same event could have been the bright star that shone over the stable at Bethlehem. The magi, Balthasar, Melchior, and Gaspar followed that star and delivered their gifts. If you are not a believer you must admit it is a great story. It certainly started something that has endured to the present day.

I do not have any physic skills, am not a reader of Old Moore’s Almanac or the astrology pages in the newspapers, indeed, when discussing the future of humanity I have been called a pessimist.  I always quote “An optimist is someone who thinks the future is uncertain” (Anon)


Now we see a US divided as never before, with the spectre of a Trump return to the White House in 2024; an aggressive Russia invading Ukraine, a war that shows no sign of ending soon; conflict in Sudan, which is apparently all about who runs the gold mines, and we have a new monarch – King Charles III. God save the king!

We are so lucky to be living in what is still one of the best countries in the world.

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