North Norfolk towns and villages

Overstrand – traditional Norfolk seaside resort

Overstrand on the North Norfolk coast is an ideal location for quieter family holidays. The beach is sandy and is never overcrowded. Local amenities include an excellent village stores, a public house, a cafe, a sports club with a bar open to the public, a shop where locally caught crabs and lobsters can be purchased, a holiday park and a hotel.

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Stiffkey – notable for cockles and a former village rector

Stiffkey in North Norfolk is a pretty village with houses lining each side of the main coast road, the A149. Unremarkable now, the village was nationally in the public eye in 1932 when the rector of the parish, Harold Davidson, was accused of immorality by a Consistory Court convened in Norwich. The charge related to Davidson's work as a counsellor and carer for London's prostitutes. This caused a great scandal and the court's decision was that Davidson should be defrocked. Many thought the decision wrong and his friends and followers supported him to the end of his life. He is buried in Stiffkey churchyard. Approximately 3000 people attended the funeral.

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Sea Palling

The village of Sea Palling is small but it has a certain charm. Along the seaward side of the dunes that shelter the village from the sea a collection of temporary dwellings has gradually developed over many years. Seeing this eclectic collection of architectural styles is worth the walk.

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Cart Gap to Horsey on the forgotten coast

Continuing a journey from Happisburgh to Horsey along the Norfolk coast that took me through the rather strange settlement that is the Bush Estate. These structures, some ramshackle and others modern bungalows, are sheltered by the extensive line of sand dunes beneath which they nestle. They benefit from their close proximity to the beach - very pleasant in the summer months but when a nor-easterly gale is blowing I would imagine it is a bit like living in a settlement in Siberia.

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Bacton to Happisburgh – off the tourist trail

If you like to relax on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and one of the broadsheets, you will undoubtedly have noticed the more regular appearance of articles relating to the north coast of Norfolk. The feature writers currently seem to be having a love affair with the area of the coast between Hunstanton and Cromer. This interest has been fuelled by the soaring price of the region’s property over recent years. Due to the growing demand for pretty Norfolk cottages as second homes, particularly during the 80s boom, this area has become increasingly fashionable with the rich and famous. In contrast, the coast from Cromer to Horsey is nowhere near as popular with those searching for a second home by the sea, and the holidaymakers visit in far fewer numbers, but that was not always the case.

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Burnham Market

Burnham Market is a Norfolk village that has changed completely over the last 25 years. It now resembles a tourist hot spot similar to some of the villages in the Cotswolds. The shops cater mainly for the holiday trade and are aimed at the wealthier members of society, many of whom own second homes in the area.

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