Alpaca Trekking in North Norfolk

Alpaca Trekking in North Norfolk


Alpaca kissing Amy

Keeping everyone entertained when on a family holiday can be difficult at times and is often expensive. So how do you spend a constructive hour or two doing something that adults and children will love without breaking the bank? Answer – you go Alpaca trekking.

Just outside Sheringham in North Norfolk is the quaintly named Bumblebarn. The glamping side of the business has had to close because of the pandemic but the popular Alpaca walks it provides have continued. Adults and young children can lead several friendly Alpacas through beautiful woodland and onto heathland.

I did this recently with family and I can highly recommend it as an excellent way to relax and to get to know these lovely animals. They are amusing, stop when they want to eat something in the hedge and have individual personalities and quirks. Give it a try. I am confident that you will enjoy the experience.  

Details from the Bumblebarn website:

“Bumblebarn is home to a small herd of friendly Alpacas, as well as miniature Shetland ponies, chickens, ducks and horses.

​”Our Alpaca Experiences have been incredibly popular since we began in 2019. We are fully licensed and insured and our expert handlers love to chat all things Alpaca. Our aim is you’ll go home having learned something new and with wonderful memories of these animals and your time with them.”

Bumblebarn Bell Tents
Beeston Regis
NR26 8TS



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  1. Only one teeny photo? What a tease? If you do an article on cute creatures, we need lots of cute pics! Was the writer too busy cuddling the Alpacas and having fun to remember to keep snapping?

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