BIRDscapes Gallery Exhibition – John Threlfall SWLA

John Threlfall SWLA is showing new works at the BIRDscapes Gallery at Glandford near Holt in North Norfolk. The exhibition opens at midday on Saturday, October the 5th and closes on Sunday, October the 27th.

From: Liz & Steve at BIRDscapes:

“John’s recent move northwards has put the Scottish Highlands on his doorstep and brought new perspectives to his picture-making. His birds remain as well-observed as ever, while the distinctive mark-making that John uses to portray their surroundings has been given a fresh boldness with his use of pure, pastel colour. We always look forward to hosting a Threlfall exhibition and we, and his enthusiastic following can’t wait, particularly as John will be with us for the opening.”

Some examples of the paintings can be seen here.

While there, why not pop in next door to the Art Cafe for a drink and one of the delightful cakes.


David Hobart

I grew up in Norfolk and have lived and worked in the county all my life.

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