I was privileged to witness an impromptu session of this in the Red Lion in the late sixties. As on this occasion a young Richard Davies took the lead. Sadly, some of those present (including Richard) have since passed away. A great piece of Cromer’s past.

4 Responses to Cromer Lifeboat Crew – step-dancing

  1. David Hobart says:

    Thanks for this information Fiona.

  2. Fiona Davies says:

    A family tradition that is still kept alive by myself, Fiona Davies. I’m the daughter of the late Richard Davies. & Jack Davies, my grandfather (rather round chap & the fastest) taught me, as my father did my children. This can still be seen at Richard Davies Memorial session every year in the fringe of Folk on the Pier, beginning of May. I’m very proud of my heritage & these guys were my heroes. Sadly all passed away but always in my heart & my feet!

  3. David says:

    Thank you Celina.

  4. Celina Bledowska says:

    I am genuinely interested in social history, I have to be, the mother was an historian. These dancers are sharing their joy and a bygone past. Thank you so much for these snippets.

    I will share this. Thank you

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