Film to be made in North Norfolk

I have received a request from a team of postgrad students at the Northern Film School to publicise a project.

They intend to make their graduation film in North Norfolk in September and require some help with funding. The campaign has been launched and if you would like to contribute a small (or large) amount you can do so by visiting this website.

“We are a team of postgraduate students from the Northern Film School in Leeds, UK. Apples is our thesis film.

Full of ambitious goals, we are big believers in a legend that a student film does not have to feel like a student film. And so we are ready to turn Zac’s emotionally complex story from the page to screen as professionally as we can.

The school is very helpful in terms of equipment and some other costs. However, after trying to squeeze all the film’s needs into a tiny budget, and having to compromise important aspects of the story, we decided to try our luck elsewhere too. We are searching for contributors who would like to become part of our pie-smelling story and help us bake a beautiful film.

Having worked on the recipe with a strong team for a long time, we’re confident the pie is going to turn out delicious. So, what is that extra cinnamon and sugar going to be used for?

To set our story in the simpler times, and to highlight the themes of moving on and the generational change, we have placed it in the 1990s. Just before the world rolled onto the New Century.

Achieving period look and atmosphere is not easy. Period props, costume, locations, graphics and so on become crucial ingredients when going back in time.

In the story, the Small Seaside Village becomes a symbolic character itself, as well as the Apple Orchard and the Beach. It is very important for us to invest in these locations.

Shooting mostly exterior shots, chasing after dusk and dawn, is extremely challenging on our camera crew. To make it fast and possible the guys have stated their equipment needs. Unfortunately, some things will have to be rented form outside the school.

Finally, no film would be the same if it wasn’t scored properly. Seeking out musicians, and other postproduction needs, always requires a little bit more than a kind ‘thank you’.

Behind the camera we have quite an exciting Lithuania meets Chennai collaboration. The Writer/Director of Apples Milda Baginskaite ( and the Cinematographer Avinash Govindasamy have already worked on several small projects together, one of which, Off Course, has already been screened in a few international film festivals.

Usually, the creative duo joins their forces with an emerging Catalan producer Pilar Cartró Benavides. This HOD trio is very lucky to be supported by a bunch of extremely talented film school students and graduates, helping bring their strong vision to life. Natashia Mattocks, Anu Pekkarinen, Judith Essi Aidoo, Luis Zarzo, Vikas Vasu, Spencer Burke, Manish Singh and Joel Maudsley just to name a few.

We would like to invite you to join our team by donating a little bit, or simply sharing the Indiegogo campaign and Apples social media with a couple of friends.

We’ve got a bunch of different perks to choose from.
Also, if you’ve got any 90s props we could borrow, please do get in touch.”





David Hobart

I grew up in Norfolk and have lived and worked in the county all my life.

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