How to be a Freelance Writer for Purecontent

How to be a Freelance Writer for Purecontent

Logo of Purecontent Media LtdSitting in the comfort of your own home, writing copy about interesting things and seeing your PayPal account credited each month. Quite appealing isn’t it? Well it is definitely possible; unfortunately, many fail to be accepted as a freelance writer for Purecontent because of basic errors in their application. We also set high standards, so being accepted as a freelance writer isn’t as easy as with some other content producers.

In addition to being the editor of Norfolk Blogger (a hobby), I occupy one of the Purecontent offices overlooking the beach at Cromer in North Norfolk. I am the quality director of the Company and one of my duties is to deal with applications from aspiring writers hoping to work for us as a freelancer. I see hundreds of applications and some are immediately rejected; to find out why and to avoid the same mistakes, please read on.

How does the application system work?

The system we use is automated and the initial application has to be made through the website at The online form requires inputting of basic information and you will be asked to upload a CV (Resume). This is where many applicants make basic errors. Let me explain how I work.

We receive thousands of applications every year so I have to be very selective. These elements will see an application automatically rejected upon receipt of a CV.

  • When only a photograph is provided.
  • The CV is general in nature and has no relevance to the post being applied for.
  • No mention of previous writing experience or relevant qualifications.

These CVs move applicants on to the next stage.

  • Full details of educational qualifications that include English at some level.
  • English must be your first language.
  • The reason you want to write for Purecontent and the time you can dedicate to it.
  • Details of past writing experience. This should include a hyperlink if you have a website/blog where you post regularly.

The next stage

When I have read a CV and the above criteria are met I initiate an email requesting a piece of written work. This can be on any subject that interests you. As soon as you have completed the piece, upload it using the link provided. Don’t delay too long as there is a cut-off point.

What I look for in the written piece

  •  NO plagiarism. There is an automatic tool that checks the piece submitted against content that has already been published on the internet. If the published content was written by you there will be no problem, however, there must be a credit/by-line on the article.
  • Writing style. Try to make your writing as engaging as possible. Catch my attention and interest me enough so that I will read it all.
  • Errors in grammar and punctuation. I am tolerant as we all mistakes but I do see work that the writer hasn’t even bothered to spellcheck.

If the written piece is of sufficiently high standard, I will rank you as a Publisher, Feature or Editorial grade writer. The grades are priced differently, with Editorial being the best payer. You will then receive a further email asking you to download some documents and to agree to our terms and conditions. Once you have done that, you will go live on the database. Don’t be surprised if you hear nothing for a while. If you haven’t received work within a month, please contact me at

Please note that we produce thousands of articles each year for our clients. Our standards are high and Purecontent is certainly not a content mill, but you must be aware that we do not pay professional copywriter rates. If you are a professional and are expecting to receive a hundred dollars or more for 500 words, you are in the wrong place. What we do guarantee for our established writers is regular work and payment on time.

If you are thinking of applying to write for Purecontent I hope this article has been of help.

Thank you and good luck!


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