Norfolk Artist Ben Kendall

Norfolk Artist Ben Kendall

Landscape painter who rediscovered art during Covid lockdowns finds exhibition success.

Painting of Cromer by Ben Kendall

Below is a press release from Ben.

“A Norfolk artist who rediscovered a love of art during the Coronavirus lockdowns has begun selling and exhibiting his work across East Anglia.

Ben Kendall, 42, a father-of-two from Sprowston, had enjoyed painted all his life. But with work and family taking up much of his time, he rarely found the time to work on his art.

After being admitted to hospital with Covid early in the pandemic then joining the rest of the nation in lockdown, he decided to make time to develop his craft.

Now a hobby has become a second-career. He recently took part in his first exhibition at Merlina Arts in Earsham, Norfolk, and his work will soon be on show at the Art House Cafe, Cromer, in a two-month display. He has further exhibitions booked for the New Year and has also begun selling online, as well as at physical exhibitions, under the name BenPaintsLandscapes.

Ben, who works as a TV producer, said: “I wouldn’t say lockdowns gave me more time – I still had two young children and a full-time job to concentrate on – but like many people it made me focus on what was important to me.

“I had always regretted letting my love of art slip so made a conscious effort to set aside time every day to practise, develop my skills and find my own style.

“At first it was a struggle but I gradually started to like my own work and, when I found the confidence to share it with others, I was surprised by how much they also enjoyed my paintings.”

Ben’s work focuses on the Norfolk coastline and countryside and he seeks to capture its beauty and charm in a semi-abstract, contemporary style which is influenced by the post-impressionist movement.

“Like many artists I started by emulating my heroes, but as I grew in experience and confidence, I found myself developing my own voice and people seem to appreciate my unique way of seeing the world,” he added.

Ben’s latest exhibition takes place at the Art House Cafe in Cromer between November 28 and February 1. You can view more of his work online at or”

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