Norfolk MPs Vote to allow Pollution of Rivers by Anglian Water

I avoid putting any content of a political nature on my blog; however, this subject is so important that I decided to post this email I received from Jason Borthwick. I have written to my MP, Mr Duncan Baker expressing my concerns.

“Dear Editor

It’s really sad to see so many Norfolk MPs putting their career prospects before the local environment.  When four Tory MPs vote to allow water companies to continue pumping raw sewage into our rivers, you realise that these people are not here to represent their constituents, just trying to further their careers within the Tory party.

James Wild, the MP for North West Norfolk has been writing about protecting the environment and is fully aware of the pollution issues over the last year as Anglian Water sewers have poured sewage into our rivers and onto our salt marshes.  Yet Mr Wild voted to allow Anglian Water and other water companies to continue pumping raw sewage into our rivers.

Mr Wild was joined by Duncan Baker (North Norfolk), Jerome Mayhew (Broadland) and Chloe Smith (Norwich North) who all feel our local environment is less important than their personal careers, blindly following what the whips tell them, rather than considering their constituents.

These water companies make huge profits, and Anglian Water is even an offshore company, so why do these MPs feel they shouldn’t be forced to invest properly in the sewage systems we all pay for?

Also noted are the Norfolk MPs who didn’t vote at all.  George Freeman (Mid Norfolk), Richard Bacon (South Norfolk), Brandon Lewis (Great Yarmouth) and Liz Truss (South West Norfolk) all decided not to participate in the vote, yet the local environment is just as important to their constituents as it is to the four MPs who voted to allow the pollution to continue.

Our environment is our economy wherever you live and work in Norfolk.  Without the beauty of the rivers, coastline and countryside Norfolk’s economy is destroyed.  Yet eight out of nine MPs for our County either voted to continue polluting the environment or didn’t bother to vote at all.

Are these MPs really representing their constituencies?”


Jason Borthwick

Deepdale Farm

Burnham Deepdale


PE31 8DD


David Hobart

I grew up in Norfolk and have lived and worked in the county all my life.

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  1. Pam Harling

    I am shocked to hear this. Raw sewage should not be emptied to our rivers.

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