The Cooperative Travel Agency outlet in Cromer has been taken over by the same group that is running the Holt Road supermarket.

The Agency has been transferred from the previous management, the TCCT Group, to the local Anglia arm of the Cooperative business.  The Thetford branch was taken over in the same move.

North Norfolk’s Cromer branch will now be administered from Peterborough.  This is in addition to 14 other travel outlets owned by the group throughout the region.

Paul Dale, who is the Group’s retail manager stated: “We’re really pleased that Cromer is now part of our portfolio… the acquisition of the two new branches means we are now potentially East Anglia’s largest independent travel group and they enhance our operations in small to medium-sized towns.”

The staff at the Cromer branch will be unaffected by the change and are ready to greet old and new customers.  They are looking forward to offering a greater range of holidays than were available previously through a new link with Freedom Travel Group.

The telephone number remains the same: 01263 514554


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