North Norfolk – Its Coastal Wonders

North Norfolk is a fantastic place for birdwatchers, in fact for anyone that has a love of the outdoors coupled with a great interest in the natural world.

This excellent film portrays this part of Norfolk as a truly wild place. The Norfolk beaches, salt marshes, scrapes and reed beds are a haven for a huge range of birds, some just passing through and many being permanent residents. The sterling work by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and the RSPB in managing North Norfolk’s nature reserves ensures that we can all enjoy nature’s wonders.

Enjoy this glimpse of what the North Norfolk coast has to offer all wildlife lovers.

A short film illustrating the wildlife that can be found along the North Norfolk Coast during the winter months.
From seals to migrating waders; we are very lucky to have so many species in this very special part of Norfolk.

Directed & Produced by Peter Naylor
Written & Narrated by Martin Wase
Music by Kye Rodriguez & Peter Fellows

A Fall Time Productions & Kestrel Films Short

David Hobart

I grew up in Norfolk and have lived and worked in the county all my life.

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