North Norfolk MP proclaimed a hero

North Norfolk MP proclaimed a hero

The North Norfolk MP, Mr. Norman Lamb, was described as a hero today when he single-handedly foiled an attempt to steal the Olympic Torch as it passed through Cromer.

The spectators were cheering Kirsty Walk, the 19-year old torch carrier, as she jogged along Church Street, when a man dressed in a Spider-Man suit appeared from the direction of the Albion Hotel.  He ran to Kirsty and wresting the torch from her he made off.

Mr. Lamb, who was in the entourage, did not hesitate.  Removing his jacket and handing it to a police community support officer to hold, he set off in pursuit.  The MP chased the man into North Lodge Park but was unfortunately unable to prevent him throwing the torch into the boating lake.  Mr. Lamb then made a citizen’s arrest without a struggle.

Speaking after the police had removed Spider-Man, Mr. Lamb said: “I was always a pretty good runner when I was younger…  I didn’t really think about the danger.  There was a job needing to be done so I just got on with it.”

Norfolk police stated that an 84-year old Cromer man has been charged with a public order offence.

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