North Norfolk Wildlife Safaris by Martin Hayward Smith

North Norfolk Wildlife Safaris by Martin Hayward Smith

North Norfolk Safaris

If you are interested in wildlife photography or perhaps would like to see and learn more about the birds and animals of North Norfolk, Martin Hayward Smith is the man to contact. His North Norfolk wildlife safaris are in great demand.

A wildlife photographer, director and  filmmaker of 30 years experience, Martin is providing wildlife safaris for visitors to this lovely part of Norfolk with its diverse habitats of farmland, woodland, heath and coastal saltmarsh. Guests are conveyed in his classic Land Rover along roads and tracks to his favourite sites for spotting some of North Norfolk’s diverse range of species. Martin has acquired a great deal of local knowledge about where to go to see the more unusual birds and animals that without such expert knowledge are not that easy to find. On a half or full-day safari, you are likely to see hares, barn owls and a wide range of other bird species including raptors.

To quote from Martin’s website: “Step out of the fast lane, tune into nature and enjoy exclusive access to wildlife on private land. We use hides overlooking water meadows, nest boxes where barn owls and their young are regularly seen and little-known old cart tracks successfully used for filming hares.

Let nature come to you on a wildlife adventure. The only clock in the day will be the sun rising to reveal the landscape and setting to make its edges blur once more.”

Martin can be contacted at the delightfully named:

Tickety Boo Cottage
Lime Kiln Lane
East Barsham
NR21 0LQ:

T: 01328 820660
M: 07768 632838

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