Top holiday home locations in the world

Deciding whether or not to purchase a holiday home is an important decision. Even more important is deciding whereabouts in the world it will be. There are many hundreds of beautiful, interesting and exotic locations throughout the world that would be ideal for a holiday residence, but several rise to the top of the list, thanks to their history, culture, uniqueness and the availability of affordable investment property for sale.

Greece and the Greek Islands

With miles of rugged coastline and idyllic sandy beaches surrounded by warm, clear Mediterranean waters, it is no wonder Greece maintains its appeal for travellers. Even in the current economic climate, with political unrest prevalent in the country, Greece still manages to attract many thousands of holidaymakers from all over Europe. Holiday homes are available now, at substantially reduced prices. From ancient ruins to an endless variety of outdoor activities, Greece offers travellers a timeless and memorable experience.

The South of France

The attractions of the fashionable South of France are not confined simply to the world-renowned beach resorts of St. Tropez and Nice – although these and other coastal towns are the main attractions for many. The region around Arles is also very attractive, having Roman ruins and several historical sites of great importance, while the department of Dordogne is home to a host of medieval castles.

Outdoor activities and adventure abounds, from the Alps to the rough-hewn coast of Marseille and the vineyards of Bordeaux. As with the rest of Europe, France has had its share of financial difficulties in recent years and this has led to a decrease in accommodation prices, making a holiday home near the Riviera a possibility, even for those on a budget.

The Balearic Islands, Spain

Diverse landscapes and city sophistication merge on these sparkling Mediterranean islands. Four in number; each island has its own distinctive personality and culture. From the largest island, Majorca, to the relaxed atmosphere of tiny Formentera, from the prehistoric relics of Menorca to the modern rave scene of Ibiza, these picturesque islands offer something for every holidaymaker. As with the rest of Spain, the economy has felt the financial crunch and this is reflected in holiday home prices, which while not exactly cheap, are significantly lower than they used to be.


Ireland may not have a balmy climate or warm sandy beaches, but it does have a beautiful and rugged landscape, which is well worth exploring. The economic crunch has led to a stark fall in property prices and picking up a holiday home anywhere in Ireland is easy and worth the effort. From wild County Donegal to the lakes of Leitrim and Roscommon, travellers will find breathtaking views, a timeless atmosphere and arguably some of the friendliest people in the world. UK residents looking for a holiday home that is in a foreign country, and that is relatively close to the UK, could not do better than take a close look at the Emerald Isle.

Norfolk, UK

Much closer to home are the lovely Norfolk Broads. The pleasant broadland villages near these waterways of Norfolk may not immediately spring to mind as a location for a holiday home or retreat, but this idyllic region has much to offer travellers looking for a peaceful haven.

The rivers, lakes (broads) and smaller waterways of the Norfolk Broads – now designated a national park – used to be the trading arteries of the area, and are still the home of some restored Norfolk wherries. These large sailing vessels used to carry all kinds of produce to and from the county’s capital city of Norwich. The Norfolk Broads are ideal for leisure pursuits, such as sailing and angling. There is a thriving tourist trade with fully-equipped cruisers (like floating homes with all mod-cons) that are hired out for boating holidays. The marshy areas surrounding the broads and rivers are filled with wildlife – great for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

If things become too quiet, the city of Norwich has several nightclubs, two theatres, several cinemas, a Norman castle, with a museum, one of the best shopping centres in the UK, and some excellent restaurants. Holiday cruisers can sail right into Norwich and moor on the river in the centre of the city.

The North Norfolk coast has become extremely popular for second homes over the last 20 years or so. This holiday area has lovely villages with cottages constructed with red brick and the local flint. Dinghy sailors flock to North Norfolk due to the excellent sailing that is available at Brancaster Staithe and Blakeney. The seaside resorts of Cromer and Sheringham are tourist favourites and they are very busy at the height of the summer. North Norfolk holiday cottages abound and the prices for the properties have steadily risen over the years.

David Hobart

I grew up in Norfolk and have lived and worked in the county all my life.

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  1. Clare Wood

    Sounds like your reader UHC needs a place just for a Christmas break? Perhaps being based in a Town like Sheringham might be better. The advantage of local shopping, good transport links and plenty of activities like the Little Theatre, Cromer Pavilion Christmas show, Thursford all at hand. And of course a selection of pubs, restaurants and churches too.
    My home (the Lawns) is available for 10 self catering guests.
    Clare Wood

  2. UHC

    I’m looking for a good holiday home in Norfolk for my family vacation in Christmas.I’m glad your post has all the details I need.Thanks.

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