Equipping your North Norfolk Holiday Home

Equipping your North Norfolk Holiday Home

If you are having to furnish or equip a holiday home in Cromer, Sheringham, Blakeney or another of North Norfolk’s lovely towns or villages, why not put your philanthropy hat on and go online to a fair trade website to source your products. One such that retails fair trade homeware and gifts is called Nkuku. The lifestyle and home products are unique and are produced in an eco friendly way by artisans based in India. The artisans, using skills passed down through the ages to create beautiful and practical items, use natural materials; leather, wood, metal, pottery and glass work feature, as does textiles.

The company works closely with cooperatives, social projects and independent businesses and the artisans are based in places as diverse as Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Mutual success is the aim and the company works closely with its suppliers to ensure that is achieved. Visits are made to producers on a regular basis and agents employed by the company deal with day-to-day queries about production and provide advice and support when required. The globally accepted 10 Principles of Fair Trade are adhered to by Nkuku to provide artisans with the opportunity to create a more rewarding future for them and their families by providing sustainable employment.

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