Roderick (Black Rod) Blythe, 54 years, of Sprocket Farm, Back End, Field Dalling, appeared at Norwich Magistrates’ Court today on a charge of cultivating and conspiracy to supply cannabis. He pleaded guilty to the cultivation charge but entered a plea of not guilty to the conspiracy to supply charge, asserting that the 125 acres of cannabis plants that police discovered growing on his farm were for his personal use only.  His wife Tallulah Blythe, 17 years, an unemployed turkey sexer, who was jointly charged with her husband, pleaded not guilty to both charges.  Before going into court she told a reporter: “He told me the plants wus for dried flowers that he were going to sell at the farmers’ market.  I dorn’t know nothing. He only have me there to look arter the tractor and feed the chickens”.

The case continues.


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