Norfolk man in charity bid

Norfolk man in charity bid

Norwich man, Mr Alvin Finn, 55 yrs, is to launch a campaign to raise money for several Norfolk charities.  He has set himself a target figure of £10,000s that he hopes to raise through sponsorship.

To raise the money Mr Finn is to attempt to visit every tourist beach in the West Indies over a four-week period over Christmas 2012, spending at least four hours on each of the beaches.  Mr Finn said: “I have felt that I wanted to do something to help the local charities for some time now and this seems a good way to do it. I am putting in £500s of my own money towards the expenses for the trip but I will obviously need some donations to make the event possible. The initial flight plus the island-hopping flights will be quite expensive.  There is also of course the cost of the accommodation whilst I am there.”

If you would like to help Mr. Finn with a donation or to sign up as a sponsor you can do so via his website at

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