Norfolk’s efficient Worzel Gummidge

Jamie Fox of Aylsham, a 22 year old graduate student, has been earning some extra cash by acting as a human scarecrow for local farmer Mr William Youngs. His brief is simple – to keep the partridges and pigeons off 10 acres of oilseed rape. Jamie achieves this by leaping up whenever they appear and ringing a cowbell or playing his accordion. The bright orange coloured jacket that he wears also adds to the deterrent effect.

Jamie is pleased to be out in the fresh air and the farmer is very happy with his efforts to protect the crop. When all is quiet on the pigeon and partridge front Jamie likes to sit and read.

When his bird scaring stint is over, the human scarecrow is going to bank his earnings to help with a planned trip to New Zealand next year. When the crop is well established he will also fly away.

The news item about Jamie has created great interest in the National Press with most of the major dailies featuring the story. Norfolk’s human scarecrow has even made it onto Sky’s and the BBC’s websites.

David Hobart

I grew up in Norfolk and have lived and worked in the county all my life.

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