BIRDscapes David Cowdry Exhibition opens 1st August

BIRDscapes David Cowdry Exhibition opens 1st August

I am pleased to say that BIRDscapes at Glandford is opening an exhibition on the 1st of August featuring the works of David Cowdry.

“As we have already trailed, on the 1st of August we are extremely pleased, and relieved, to be welcoming David Cowdry back to BIRDscapes. As you will see from the invitation (click here to view) it will not be an “opening” in the usual sense of such occasions, and we will have to keep a close eye on the number of people that we have in the gallery at any one time.

For those reluctant to travel away from home, David’s new pictures, sized to be roughly in proportion to each other, can be seen by clicking here. Any of David’s  paintings may be bought by telephoning the gallery 15 minutes after midday, on Saturday August 1st when the exhibition opens, and paying over the phone. We will send out the prices as soon as we receive them.

We hope that we may see many of you over the fortnight of the exhibition, as David has a very keen following. Alternatively, you may prefer to book a visit by appointment on a Wednesday, when the gallery will otherwise be closed. We do understand that life is not that easy for some at the moment and we hope you are all well.

Best wishes,

Liz, Steve and the rest of the BIRDscapes team.”

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