BIRDscapes Gallery Glandford – Programme 2014

BIRDscapes Gallery Glandford – Programme 2014

The excellent BIRDscapes Gallery at Glandford has published its 2014 programme of exhibitions. If you haven’t been to the Gallery I suggest that you do so as the artworks on display are always of a very high standard and are a delight. After you have finished at the Gallery you can visit the Art Cafe next door for some refreshment. Lovely cakes!

BIRDscapes’ 2014 celebration of printmaking:

Printmakers’ Wildlife

Sat 3rd May, 12:00 – 5pm

The exhibition continues until 8th June



Blackthorn Blackbird linocut by Robert Gillmor S WL A

Handmade artists’ prints seem only to increase in popularity each year. So, for 2014, we will be filling the gallery with original prints for five weeks!

The exhibition will embrace a wide range of methods including linocut, engraving, etching, woodcut, woodblock, mezzotint and lithograph, from over 20 of the best artists working in the genre. Original prints range from literal to stylised, from heightened colour to striking black and white, so there really is something for everyone.

This will also be the first exhibition involving our expanded sculpture displays with several artists new to BIRDscapes.

Programme 2014

Between and during most Featured Exhibitions, a mix of work by gallery regulars is always on show.

May/Jun: Printmakers’ Wildlife

Midday Sat 3rd May to 8th June

Our annual, eagerly-anticipated

show of artists’ original prints.

Jun/Jul: The Scope of BIRDscapes

Midday Sat 28th June to 27th July

The rich variety of styles and media

explored by artists at BIRDscapes.

August: David Cowdry

Midday Sat 2nd August to 26th

David’s extraordinary talent for

capturing light, never disappoints.

September: Jonathan Pomroy

Midday Sun 31st Aug to 14th

Wonderful atmospheric landscapes

Inclusive of well-observed birds.

October: John Busby S WL A

Midday Sat 4th to 19th

Book launch and stunning

retrospective work from John’s

latest book: Lines from Nature.

November: John Threlfall S WL A

Midday Sat 14th to 30th

John’s masterful, painterly style

continues to have enormous appeal.

Christmas Exhibition

Midday Sat 6th December till Christmas Eve.


Tel. 01263 741742

BIRDscapes Gallery, Manor Farm Barns, Glandford, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 7JP



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