Cromer crab factory closure

Young’s Seafoods raised hopes about the future of the Cromer Crab factory at one stage but their intention all along was obviously to close down the plant and move the production elsewhere.

This will be a serious blow to employment in Cromer with the 230-strong workforce now having to seek other employment.  Apart from the local seasonal leisure industry there is little work available.

There are still 20 of the staff left at the site decommissioning the factory.  When that work is completed in August they will also be redundant.

Local representatives are said to be in talks with the company to explore ways in which a presence could be maintained in the town.  It is unlikely that this will lead to anything positive, as the company has obviously decided on this closure to save money.

The most likely scenario is that the site will be abandoned and will become derelict, causing an eyesore on the edge of the town.


David Hobart

I grew up in Norfolk and have lived and worked in the county all my life.

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