Good news from BIRDscapes Gallery at Glandford

Good news from BIRDscapes Gallery at Glandford

I have received the following email from Steve and Liz at BIRDscapes Gallery at Glandford nr Holt, North Norfolk. As the name suggests the gallery features ornithological art of high quality.

“Hello from BIRDscapes,

We are so pleased to be opening on Saturday July 18th from 11am-4pm. We look forward to meeting old friends and welcoming new customers, but of course it can’t be business quite as before. Nevertheless we hope that a visit will still be an uplifting and inspiring experience: some light relief from all that is not so good at the moment.

We have a new entrance from the courtyard, with sanitiser dispenser, and we have instituted a one-way system where possible. We are asking visitors to keep to 2m distancing and to put on a mask before entering the gallery. We will be regulating the number of people in the gallery at any one time, so please be patient and respectful of other visitors.

For the time being we will be closing on Wednesdays, but will be open the other 6 days of the week from 11am till 4pm.

We really look forward to welcoming you to the gallery again, and let’s hope that things will only get better!

Best wishes 

Steve and Liz “

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