The Aftermath! Flood Damage At Cromer

The major storm in December exacted a heavy toll on some homes and sea defences along the North Norfolk coastline.

This event, that the authorities stated was worse than the inundation in 1953, caused hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage but thank God no loss of life.

The comparison with 1953 is doubtful I feel. That event caused far greater damage but of course the flood defences at that time were not as sophisticated as now.

The villagers of 1953 did not have the benefit of a warning system and mobile phones were yet to be invented. The first that many of them knew was when the water started to flood into their homes. Sadly, a lack of adequate warning resulted in a heavy loss of life.

The damage will take a considerable time to repair but there should not be a major impact on this year’s tourist season.

The video shot by Andreas Yiasimi NGM Norfolk Gem Magazine is superb and if you love this area you will find it quite moving. You can also view some excellent still photographs at Andy Davison Photography.

David Hobart

I grew up in Norfolk and have lived and worked in the county all my life.

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