No 1 Cromer – Galton Blackiston fish and chips a winner!

No 1 Cromer – Galton Blackiston fish and chips a winner!

No 1 Cromer, the fish and chip restaurant opened by Morston Hall celebrity chef Galton Blackiston and his business partner has had a very good start. 

Despite opening rather late in the season the restaurant and takeaway is now well established and is attracting locals and visitors to sample the excellent fish and chips on offer.

I first mentioned the venture in a previous news item that has prompted several comments on the site – fish and chips are obviously a high priority for many of my readers.

When I visited at 4.30pm (evening opening time) I was the first customer to be seated.  By 4.45pm the restaurant was almost full; a high proportion of the diners were happy family groups.

My meal arrived and it was superb.  The size of the fish was more than generous and the chips were just right.  The service was good even though the staff were very busy taking and serving orders.

If you haven’t made it to No 1 yet I suggest that you make the effort.  I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

We won’t ever know of course but I wonder which establishment will prove to be the most profitable, No 1 or the Michelin Starred Morston Hall?

It is great being able to get traditionally cooked fish and chips in Cromer and good luck to all those involved in No 1.

Click here to visit No 1’s website where you will find the opening times.


5 thoughts on “No 1 Cromer – Galton Blackiston fish and chips a winner!

  1. Hi Ian
    Having eating fish and chips in Whitby many times I feel able to respond. Yes Whitby fish and chips are good but I don’t consider the difference between them and what is served at No 1 to be that great. I shall continue to enjoy the fish and chips at No 1 and what Whitby has to offer when I visit again.
    Best wishes

  2. What planet are these people on????
    If you have had fish and chips anywhere in Whitby, you will not be satisfied at all with this place. I cannot understand how, under any circumstances, Galton Blackiston is ok with his name being associated with No 1 in Cromer. 3 stars on trip advisor is generally an indication of a poor quality restaurant. Enough said.

  3. Visited No1 Cromer take-away yesterday (4th July 2015). The best fish & chips I’ve ever, ever eaten. This is praise indeed, as I come from Cleethorpes (the home of Grimsby fish). Can’t wait to visit again.
    The fish was so fresh, and the batter was so light and crisp.
    As a rule I tend not to eat chips made from new potatoes, however, yours were ‘to die for’.
    The portion sizes were plentiful. Also it was very reasonably priced. That sized fillet would be classed as ‘Jumbo’ elsewhere. The price reflected was the equivelent of a ‘small’ fillet.
    Thank-you for a wonderful experience.
    Added to that, I am a huge Galton fan. XxX

  4. Sorry your experience was not what you hoped. This is the first adverse comment I have heard since some teething problems when the business first started trading. The takeaway and the restaurant have gone from strength to strength since then with queues forming at busy times. That seems to have been a problem for some customers but in a holiday resort like Cromer for a business that is so popular queues are inevitable (very long here and at Mary Jane’s on Bank Holiday). I have checked out Trip Advisor and most of the adverse comment is about service. The positive comments do outweigh those however. My personal experience has been very positive. David.

  5. Visited your restaurant on Thursday 21 August 2014 at 5.30 approximately.shown to our table,asked for the drink order and awaited another 10 minutes for the waitress to take the food order. Watching the waitress,milling around near the bar area not really doing anything,not asking any of the customers if they needed anything or if the food was OK when they eventually got it. Our meal arrived at 6.30,nothing really special. Will not g back in a hurry.

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